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Hey everyone,

finally, two weeks ago I finished my Cities XL project New Coast City 🙂

Overall it took me four years and 800 hours of work to finish this city. It was a amazing time, a lot of people read and enjoyed my city journals and watched my youtube series I started more than a year ago. Thank you sooo much for this, you guys are great. But, ok, I have to admit, sometimes the game was frustrating 😉 Especially the end of the planet offer was something that had a big negative impact on my motivation and was the main reason for my two years brake. But generally I can say I love this game and today with all these mods it is just awesome.

But let’s get back to New Coast City, if you haven’t seen my series or read the journal: New Coast City is a masterplanded Cities XL Platinum city, its design based on a group of circular shapes combined to large organic layout and connected by a sunken freeway system. NCC is situated along a beautiful shoreline, with beaches and a island. My goal was to design a interesting and nice city layout, a bit futuristic but also realistic.

That took a lot of time and work, that’s the reason why I wanted to celebrate this special moment, when NCC is finished. So my idea was to capture a cinematic city showcase at the end of the NCC series and here it is. It will take you on a little tour across New Coast city. I hope you enjoy it.

Btw. a big thank you for all these likes and nice comments on youtube and thanks to Focus Home Interactive for posting this on the official Cities XL Facebook page.

If you still like to know more about NCC, please watch the last episode of my series, there I explain a lot of things about this city.

And now the coolest thing, in my opinion 😛 I added a Cities XL download section to my page and the first thing you can download from there is the New Coast City save file. So, you can take a look into the city by yourself.

Important: Cities XL Platinum is required!!! A description how to import a city into Cities XL is attached to the .zip folder.

And finally some of my favorite “photoshoped” screenshots from my city journal on Please go there if you want to see all of them. Btw. there are still two chapters left, to finish this journal as well. I will add them over the next weeks.






Hi everyone, I think it’s time for a little update here 😉

This is one of my lately added images to my city journal about New Coast City on If you like to see some more about NCC you could visit my city journal there. And I’ve added a view more Episodes to my youtube channel.

Here they are:

Oh before I forget, I’ve started a new city called Waterfront City (WFC ;)) There are already two episodes about this project on my youtube Channel. I will post here some more details as soon as there is more to see 😉


Allright, here are two new episodes. It took a while this time, because my MacBook had a major Hardware issue. At first i thought the hard drive was broken, so I went to my local apple store and they’ve figured out, it is just a broken cable. Took just 45 minutes to fix it and a reinstallation of Mountain-lion. With the reinstallation they were so kind to but the current version of iLife on my Mac, witch means, now I have the current iMovie 11 version for free :). And that means, some nice new features for video editing now for me. So thx apple 🙂

And beside that I did some image editing work on my New Coast City screenshots. I love all that stuff other players did with their screenshots in their journals on XLnation, really inspiring (the journal about the city Tayra is awesome ) so I’ve tried to do something similar with my screenshots. Here is a little preview, for the whole work, please visit my city journal on


Episode three and four are out. In the first one I finished that park area I started in episode two. In the second one I show some more interesting stuff this time, hopefully;) At first I’m talking about traffic in New Coast City, I’ve also did a very small update of the traffic section here in my journal on

In part two I show how to use the bridge tool to modify the terrain. Ok, I think after almost three years of CitiesXL most players are aware the fact that the bridge tool is a way better terraforming tool then the original one, but maybe it is still a little help for somebody here. Or should I maybe record a whole tutorial about that?


Hello everyone, yes I’am still alive 😉 After a brake of two years from CitiesXL, I’m returned to this game and to my last project New Coast City, of course. My brake had many reason’s, the main problem was that I’ve moved from one city to another (in real life). Which means, there were many things to prepare and to do before I moved and obvious also afterwards. Because of this I had trouble with my internet provider, he was simply not able to send a technician to do the things he had to do to activate the internet in our new apartment. Finally it took around three month to get connected to the civilization again, changed the provider. I had also a very interesting but stressful project at work during the last year, so not so much time for gaming and beside that, with the little time I had, I’ve focused on other games like EVE-Online again, Minecraft or Starcraft for example…. and even before I have noticed, two years were gone by…

But now I think my urban planing skills are needing some refreshment and I will try to finish New Coast City. And instead just writing about it, I will try something new! I’d like to capture “let’s play” about that, so you can follow me “live”, just if you like of course, while I’m finishing New Cost City. Two episodes are already finished, but before…

Disclaimer 😉 : I’m from Germany but I think it didn’t makes any sense to do a german let’s play, because I’ have written my city journals always in english so fare. But talking in english is for me a whole different thing than writing (and even my writings are fare from perfectness) However, I’ve grabbed all the courage I could find, convinced myself and just did my best. Hopefully you will enjoy that videos and it isn’t to bad

all right, now here we go: