After my 5th and last journal entry the end of the planet offer comes close really fast, and it became obvious to me that it is impossible to finish New Cost City before the server will shutdown. But many players asked me if I like to hold a last large Avatar meeting in New Cost City, to say goodby to all planets, players and there amazing cities.

I tried my best to push New Coast City as fare as I can, especially the Prime Circle. Because I thought the central park circle would be a perfect location for the End Of The World Party. So I started to build the next sunken freeway section to connect the Prime Circle to the rest of the city and build an interesting traffic network within it. For example an expressway into that park parkcircle and connected with custom interchanges to the central traffic axis, btw. I captured a video about this. I also added the office district in the center area. In the center of this circle itself I started a new megastructure, the Tokyo Tower, as prominent Landmark. To highlight this tall building I placed it on a pedestal.

Around this tower I created the End Of The World Park, with its characteristic lettering. This central park, like all the central parks in the other circles, has also some public buildings to keep satisfactory in New Coast City on a high level.

Finally the party started, one week before the end of everything. Meanwhile the Tokyo Tower was finished and the main meeting point was its entrance but later the party began on the top and ended with a marathon around the End Of The World Park. We were pretty exhausted after this. 🙂

After this grate event, I like to thank everyone who were there, the server going down and its got dark around New Coast City. I decided this was a good moment to have a brake with Cities XL and New Coast City and focus on other games i love to play, EVE-Online for example.  But now, some month later and with release of CitiesXL 2011, I restored New Coast City and continuing the work on my citybuilding project, so please follow my blog, there will be many fresh infos soon 😉 and here a little preview of the current situation:




I added a link to a nice tutorial written by THEJESTR about how to create beautiful customized intersections with elevated roads and one way streets. You can find it in my guide section.

Also, don’t miss to take a look on the rest of his City Journal and his actual project: Kenwood. The realistic roadnetwork in combination with an American style “grid” city gives it a very unique shape. Good work 😉


This is the last one of my old journals, so prepare for new infos on New Coast City, soon  :mrgreen:

Christmas is gone and my vacation is over, so its time to continue the work on New Coast City and there are already some changes happened this year.

New Coast City gets an Open Air Museum

During construction of the freeway bypass, workers discovered some ruins and basements of an old Middle Age town. This important discovery caused a completely construction stop of the whole area for several month.

The time schedule of the entire New Coast City Project gets into danger and every day the work didn’t continue, cost several Millions. So the administration decide to start an archaeological excavation immediately.

“This discover has an invaluable cultural worth and we want that all inhabitants of New Coast City have access to this” announced Mayor Auriga.

So a team of international archaeologists and historians started to reconstruct every excavated Middle Age building in a park Area between the freeway bypass and the Central Circle and now after month of hard work, New Coast City’s Open Air Historical Museum open its doors for visitors.

Next to the new museum there is also some other progress of the New Coast City Project

The first high wealth Apartment and hotel buildings along the New Coast City Bay are finished, and providing an awesome few across the sea for their inhabitants.

Also the work on the Prime Circle and the Island Circle has began, and New Coast City is now close to its final shape.

New Coast City Masterplan


Now something different to citiesXL, but that is maybe interesting for you as citybuilding fans as well. Today I found on the web a panoramic view of London taken by Jeffrey Martin and posted on his blog . This photo has incredibly 80 Gigapixel (or 35 meters long and 17 meters tall) 😯 it seems that this is world record . Its amazing how far you can zoom, and how much details you can see in this image. Well…. and in germany people complaning about google streetview  :roll: Anyway, test it your self: London World Record Panoramic Photo

Here some previews from his blog:


This my next last of my old city journal I have writen before the end of planet offer:

New Coast City is growing constant but slow. Not because I have no time to playing this game, because it is very complex to build this City. New Coast City, with his more organic look, more precious circles, different terrain levels, sunken roads, high roads, walls, many interchanges, several traffic axis that connects each circle, large park areas is way more sophisticated as my beta town. I’m very lucky if I manage to raise the population by 10.000 people, after hours of playing. Just as little explanation if you guys wondering why New Cost City is still so low on population after this long time 😉

However, some changes have happened to New Coast City in the last weeks, the important thing was the first area between the three build circle geometrics is finished and connected them. This “Connection Area” is a mostly low and medium density area, with mainly residential and some office buildings. I extended the main traffic axis from all three circles and lay them through this area as main streets. Then  I aligned some residential and office zones along this roads. The building density is very low, so there is much space for parks.

View across the “Connection Area” , left: Administration Circle, middle: Central Circle, right: Convention Circle.

Top view of this area and a new segment of the sunken freeway that finished recently, and is now connecting the Central Circle with the Administration Circle.

Another important thing is that the first magastructure of New Coast City is under construction. It is the  “30 St Mary Axe” ore the “Foster Gherkin” 😉 This building marks the central spot of the new convention centre of New Coast City. A high road directly connecting the convention centre with the central traffic axis.

And finally a traffic overlay