Hallo everyone, now after some days of trying around I finaly finished my work on this blog, ok here and there its still needs some polishing. Anyway my nic is Auriga and this blog is dedicated to CitiesXL 2011 an my Cities. Some of you maybe knowing me allready, I played cities XL since beta of the 2009 edition and wrote many citiy journals at the official homepage. After the end of planet mode I took a little brake but now, with release of 2011 edition, I imported my last city I was working on, to continue it, New Coast City.

I am a bit annoyed that all my journals about New Coast City get lost after the end of planet mode so, to prevent that this will happen again, I started this blog. The good news is they are not totaly lost, I still have the word docs and the screenshots. So my plan is to restore them one by one here in my blog and finaly to continue with new journals about New Coast City.

At first I will post a summary of my first city, Coast City, some of you will know it from the poster of the limited edition of citiesXL. So i hope some one will follow my journals some day (I doupt that anyone found this blog so far 🙂 )




  1. Welcome Back!

    Great idea to have your own blog. Your cities derserve that. Always a joy to see your work and very inspiring. You encourage the CXL community to take development to a higher level and that the only limits are the ones in our imagination.

    I’ll be watching you. 😉

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