This is the first of my old journals, that got lost after the end of the planet mode, I have made for my New Coast City projekt. During next days I will add all my other old journals and finally I will continue the story about New Coast City. I hope you will enjoy it 😉


“Today we reached an important goal, the first section of New Coast City is finished.” said Major Auriga this morning at a press conference, for the grand opening ceremony of the administration district of New Coast City project. Which is an ambitious, large scale urban development project on Planet Tarvos.

The planing of New Coast City started just some years ago, as reaction for the high needs of offices, hightech- and agricultural goods of River Valley City. So the administration of River Valley City decided to develop the entire metropolitan area around the City. The heart of this area will be New Coast City as business and residential metropolis and River Valley City as industrial city. Both cities will stay in close trading relationship to cover all their tokens needs.

Now with the completion of the first section of New Coast City, the main part of the City management can start their work in the new office spaces. But the city hall in the centre of this circle structure is still a provisional solution and the work on the final hall and the surrounding park is delaying.

This first circle is a small example of the other circles in this City layout. In each centre there will be a Central Park area with public buildings, monuments or megastructures. Than there will be an office  ring and at last a residential ring all separated by parks an traffic axis. All rings will be connected by a sunken freeway and be bordered by an expressway and a huge park area. These park area will have a lower level than the city rings. In discrepancy to the “natural grown” lock of River Valley City, New Coast City will be totally masterplaned.

Also another small circle with mainly residential buildings is close to completion. The centre circle has an higher level than the outer circle two high roads will be later the direct connection to the freeway.

“We do our best to bring this planing forward, and make New Coast City not just to a City of economy ore wealth but rather a place for the people who life in it.”

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