Welcome to my second restored city journal about New Coast City, more to come.

After the realization of the Administration circle, the first construction stage and the nearly completion of the second construction stage of the New Coast City project, the work at the more sophisticated third stage has begun.

The first parts of this third circle are already finished and 10.000 inhabitants are living and working here. In the centre of this circle, bordered by a huge traffic circle, soon new city service- and leisure buildings will be constructed. This central location, ensure an optimal supply of services to all inhabitants. A Multiplex cinema and a police station are recently finished, and already raising the life quality in New Coast City significant.

“It’s a beautiful place to life “ means John, one of the first new inhabitants of the third stage “In New Coast City has so much parks and places, when everything is finished I’m sure this will be one of the greenest City on Planet”

He told us that he lives in the first residential ring, direct next to the central office ring. Between this first residential ring and the second one lies an broad park ring with an high road, the central traffic connection of all expressway axis. The first section of this high road is finished and recently opened for traffic.

Between the last expressway ring and the outer expressway that will later bordering the whole city, lies also a park. “green” bridges connect these two expressways. The park it self has a lower ground level than the expressways. Also the work on a new sunken freeway will begin soon.

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