Some month ago Major Mudder announced at the German CitiesXL forum ( a competition for the most beautiful office district. I have submitted the Central Circle of New Coast City as Competition entry and won the first price. This is my old journal entry for this event.

“We have been working very hard to get the third construction stage, the Central Circle, nearly finished, before beginning of the voting at last Weekend.”

Said Major Auriga, and the efforts pays off, New Coast City and its first business district has got the most votes and won the first place of this competition.

“I’m very proud that our city won this award in spite of many other very good submissions. I like to thank every one who votes for New Coast City and every other participant of this competition for their good work.”

This was the competition submission for New Coast City:



Save now your own office space in New Coast City, one of the most sophisticated urban planing projects on Planet Tarvos. Benefit from a completely master planed city.

This here presented office quarter is located in the nearly finished third construction stage, the Central Circle. This new sub centre of New Coast City offers a optimal traffic connection because of a planed and partial finished sunken freeway directly to the centre of the circle. In this centre there are located the office towers, in top location directly at the central park. Short commuter traffic is rising the attractiveness of this location additonally.

Also for small and medium- sized business is space available. There are mixed use areas for residential, office and commercial in the outer rings. Because of this, there is also short commuter traffic for this area and this mix of different zones ensure a bustle also after work.


The Central Circle is like every other planed sub centre nearly complete self sustaining. That means that an optimal mix of residential and working was realised in this circle structure, to keep commuter traffic as short as possible.

Because of this the traffic load is, in spite of the 62.000 inhabitants of the Central Circle, very low . So in most parts of this City are one lane roads used. Only the Main traffic axes from the centre to the outer ring and the inner, outer ring road as well as the central high road are designed as multi lane roads.

This keeps capacity for passenger and fright transportation as well as a fast connection to the hightech industry areas.

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