This my next last of my old city journal I have writen before the end of planet offer:

New Coast City is growing constant but slow. Not because I have no time to playing this game, because it is very complex to build this City. New Coast City, with his more organic look, more precious circles, different terrain levels, sunken roads, high roads, walls, many interchanges, several traffic axis that connects each circle, large park areas is way more sophisticated as my beta town. I’m very lucky if I manage to raise the population by 10.000 people, after hours of playing. Just as little explanation if you guys wondering why New Cost City is still so low on population after this long time 😉

However, some changes have happened to New Coast City in the last weeks, the important thing was the first area between the three build circle geometrics is finished and connected them. This “Connection Area” is a mostly low and medium density area, with mainly residential and some office buildings. I extended the main traffic axis from all three circles and lay them through this area as main streets. Then  I aligned some residential and office zones along this roads. The building density is very low, so there is much space for parks.

View across the “Connection Area” , left: Administration Circle, middle: Central Circle, right: Convention Circle.

Top view of this area and a new segment of the sunken freeway that finished recently, and is now connecting the Central Circle with the Administration Circle.

Another important thing is that the first magastructure of New Coast City is under construction. It is the  “30 St Mary Axe” ore the “Foster Gherkin” 😉 This building marks the central spot of the new convention centre of New Coast City. A high road directly connecting the convention centre with the central traffic axis.

And finally a traffic overlay

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