This is the last one of my old journals, so prepare for new infos on New Coast City, soon  :mrgreen:

Christmas is gone and my vacation is over, so its time to continue the work on New Coast City and there are already some changes happened this year.

New Coast City gets an Open Air Museum

During construction of the freeway bypass, workers discovered some ruins and basements of an old Middle Age town. This important discovery caused a completely construction stop of the whole area for several month.

The time schedule of the entire New Coast City Project gets into danger and every day the work didn’t continue, cost several Millions. So the administration decide to start an archaeological excavation immediately.

“This discover has an invaluable cultural worth and we want that all inhabitants of New Coast City have access to this” announced Mayor Auriga.

So a team of international archaeologists and historians started to reconstruct every excavated Middle Age building in a park Area between the freeway bypass and the Central Circle and now after month of hard work, New Coast City’s Open Air Historical Museum open its doors for visitors.

Next to the new museum there is also some other progress of the New Coast City Project

The first high wealth Apartment and hotel buildings along the New Coast City Bay are finished, and providing an awesome few across the sea for their inhabitants.

Also the work on the Prime Circle and the Island Circle has began, and New Coast City is now close to its final shape.

New Coast City Masterplan

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