After my 5th and last journal entry the end of the planet offer comes close really fast, and it became obvious to me that it is impossible to finish New Cost City before the server will shutdown. But many players asked me if I like to hold a last large Avatar meeting in New Cost City, to say goodby to all planets, players and there amazing cities.

I tried my best to push New Coast City as fare as I can, especially the Prime Circle. Because I thought the central park circle would be a perfect location for the End Of The World Party. So I started to build the next sunken freeway section to connect the Prime Circle to the rest of the city and build an interesting traffic network within it. For example an expressway into that park parkcircle and connected with custom interchanges to the central traffic axis, btw. I captured a video about this. I also added the office district in the center area. In the center of this circle itself I started a new megastructure, the Tokyo Tower, as prominent Landmark. To highlight this tall building I placed it on a pedestal.

Around this tower I created the End Of The World Park, with its characteristic lettering. This central park, like all the central parks in the other circles, has also some public buildings to keep satisfactory in New Coast City on a high level.

Finally the party started, one week before the end of everything. Meanwhile the Tokyo Tower was finished and the main meeting point was its entrance but later the party began on the top and ended with a marathon around the End Of The World Park. We were pretty exhausted after this. 🙂

After this grate event, I like to thank everyone who were there, the server going down and its got dark around New Coast City. I decided this was a good moment to have a brake with Cities XL and New Coast City and focus on other games i love to play, EVE-Online for example.  But now, some month later and with release of CitiesXL 2011, I restored New Coast City and continuing the work on my citybuilding project, so please follow my blog, there will be many fresh infos soon 😉 and here a little preview of the current situation:



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