Last week Focus disclosed the winner of the first CitiesXL 2011 screenshot contest. The task was to take a beautifull screenshot of a City, build in CitiesXL, around the theme “Paradise City”. I submited this screen here below as competition entry to the german bord and won the second price. Thanks to Focus for voting for my screenshot and congratulation to all other winner:




This was my entry:

This screenshot was taken in New Coast City Bay, a new district connecting the circle structures with the shore line. As promised in my last journal here some more details about that area.

The street layout of the Bay area follows the shape of the expressway that surrounding the circles of New Coast City and slowly stepping down to the beach. This area is the place for the rich and famous of the city, they reside in there mansions along the road network. The spaces between the residential areas are rich of parks and some offices. This Part of New Coast City is also the best area for vacation, so there are many hotels, especially along the beach.

A leisure park with a large Ferris wheel is located in the centre of New Coast City Bay. Also some public buildings for eduction, health as well as a fire and police department can be found there.

so long…


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