Hello everyone, yes I’am still alive 😉 After a brake of two years from CitiesXL, I’m returned to this game and to my last project New Coast City, of course. My brake had many reason’s, the main problem was that I’ve moved from one city to another (in real life). Which means, there were many things to prepare and to do before I moved and obvious also afterwards. Because of this I had trouble with my internet provider, he was simply not able to send a technician to do the things he had to do to activate the internet in our new apartment. Finally it took around three month to get connected to the civilization again, changed the provider. I had also a very interesting but stressful project at work during the last year, so not so much time for gaming and beside that, with the little time I had, I’ve focused on other games like EVE-Online again, Minecraft or Starcraft for example…. and even before I have noticed, two years were gone by…

But now I think my urban planing skills are needing some refreshment and I will try to finish New Coast City. And instead just writing about it, I will try something new! I’d like to capture “let’s play” about that, so you can follow me “live”, just if you like of course, while I’m finishing New Cost City. Two episodes are already finished, but before…

Disclaimer 😉 : I’m from Germany but I think it didn’t makes any sense to do a german let’s play, because I’ have written my city journals always in english so fare. But talking in english is for me a whole different thing than writing (and even my writings are fare from perfectness) However, I’ve grabbed all the courage I could find, convinced myself and just did my best. Hopefully you will enjoy that videos and it isn’t to bad

all right, now here we go:

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