Allright, here are two new episodes. It took a while this time, because my MacBook had a major Hardware issue. At first i thought the hard drive was broken, so I went to my local apple store and they’ve figured out, it is just a broken cable. Took just 45 minutes to fix it and a reinstallation of Mountain-lion. With the reinstallation they were so kind to but the current version of iLife on my Mac, witch means, now I have the current iMovie 11 version for free :). And that means, some nice new features for video editing now for me. So thx apple 🙂

And beside that I did some image editing work on my New Coast City screenshots. I love all that stuff other players did with their screenshots in their journals on XLnation, really inspiring (the journal about the city Tayra is awesome ) so I’ve tried to do something similar with my screenshots. Here is a little preview, for the whole work, please visit my city journal on XLnation.net.

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