Hi everyone, since last week the Platinum edition of Cities XL is available for download as DLC for 5€ and as full game including the Platinum stuff. For more Information check the official homepage or steam.

All right, so what contains CitiesXL Platinum? There are 50 new buildings in the game now, thats all, no bug fix. Buuut I’ve read in this thread on XLnation that we will maybe get a patch as well. The patch will base on “The Annoying CXL 2012 bug fix pack” by Soltan Gris (I think it must be this one), Focus have planed to distribute this mod, with the permission of Soltan Gris, as official patch to everyone. So it looks like we could get some bug fixes soon but there is nothing official announced so far.

Another interesting thing, especially for modders, is that Focus will also release new modding tools with compatibility to 3ds max 2012.

Ok, let’s get back to the new buildings, I’ve downloded and installed the DLC last weekend and recorded the following video about all the new buildings. So If you like to know what is new in the game you could check it out 😉 thx.


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