May you ask yourself …or not because no one takes a look in here anyway ;)… what has happened to this blog? Why there are no new entires? Don’t you want to continue this? whats about your city journals?

Well these are good questions, I asked them to myself as well, because I have a problem with this blog… at the moment it has no value for me or you my youtube audience or readers of my city journals. I didn’t continued the journals here because, while I was planing to continue my work on NCC a couple of month ago, I came to the conclusion it’s a better idea to continue my journals close to the Cities XL community. So I started a NCC journal on and later for my other project ksp I started a mission report on the official Forum as well. In the end I just posted some messages like “hey guys, here is a new video or a new cj entry” on my blog but since a while I have twitter for things like this.

So finally no use for my blog??? No, I think there are still things I can do here and I don’t want to leave it behind. My plan is to write some more personal and general stuff here from time to time in the future. But before or next to it I have to update things here a bit. So my second plan is:

-to update wordpress

-to update the header image (something similar to my youtube channel)

-to clean up and add links in the menu right

-to add a download section

-to add a section for my WFC city journal

-to add a ksp section

A lot of work, thats why I write this here because now I have officially announced this and now I feel some pressure to do this ^^ But at first I have to find my ftp password 🙁

Update 1

Ok, spontaneous decision, I moved my blog to a new host. The past three years it was hosted on free web host, which was generally good enough in the past. During the last couple of days I noticed that my blog was very often not reachable, so I decided to move to a new, payed host. Now the next step will be a layout update.

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