All right, finally I think the most important changes are done. I added a Download section, and some nice, new fancy widgets to the side bars.

I updated the layout a bit as well, it is still simple but a bit more polished now in my opinion. I hope you like it 😉 Ok there are still some areas I’m not satisfied with, like the position of the search box or rss feed, but for the moment it is ok and I don’t know how to change this anyway  :mrgreen: I have to figure out this, I think there is a way. I created this blog layout with a highly customizable theme: Atahualpa Which is a great theme, because it allows me to create my own blog design just with my very basic html, CSS code knowledge.

However beside this, there are just a few things left to do. The right menu still could need some love for example. And I have to go through all of my older posts, to rescale all the images. Because I imbedded them with a fix size and now they are too large for my new layout. So my plan is to replace them with the wordpress image gallery, which have a flexible size. So my images will be prepared for future layout changes. (like in this post)



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