Hey everyone, I added a new ship to the ksp downloadsection, it’s my spaceballs movie inspired camper craft. So have you ever been dreaming about to be like Lone Starr and his companion Barf and to travel to the stars in a spaceballs like camper? … So here is your chance:

The download file contains a SSTOCC that is completely build out of stock parts.

assigned action groups:
1: toggle atomic engine
2: toggle jet engine
3: toggle intake set 1
4: toggle intake set 2
5: landing legs
6: gears

Finally some additional information, the space craft has no capsule for Kerbals, just two seats, but a unmand command module. So it is easy for you to try around or to go directly to space without Kerbalnauts. But be careful, at supersonic speed the camper tends to yaw and in space it tends to pitch down a bit… but actually it is still very well controllable for a space camper ;)Additionally I captured some videos about a journey to Mun in this vehicle. The first video shows how to get into a orbit around Kerbin.

In the second Lone Starr and Barf started their transfer to Mun, but before they had a short stop at a gas station… these two guys wanted some perry air anyway XD…

and finally their landing.


may the schwartz be with you!

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