Hey everyone,

And again, it’s bin a loooong time since my last post here on my blog. My problem is still that I don’t know what this page should be about. I mean I post my city journals on, links to new videos on my youtube channel will be posted on twitter/ google+. So at the moment I just want to use this blog or page only as download portal or for other important things I’d like to say that do not fit anywhere else. But apparently nothing important have happened… well one thing has happened indeed: at november the fifth my youtube channel had one year anniversary.

Maybe it is a little to late to write about this here ^^ but I would like to keep this for the records, so this was the one year anniversary episode:

In this episode I took a look back to every game I had played, and the most important thing: I said thank you, thank you to you guys, my youtube subscribers and everyone who ever watched one of my videos. Your are great and you are the reason why I’m doing that. In the past year I’ve got a lot of support and nice comments, this is a great motivation for my to continue this. Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to another year of gaming with you 😉



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