Today I’d like to talk about two games I’d like to play in the future and I would love to “let’s play” them. But to be honest, I don’t plan to much ahead for games I want to play on my youtube channel. It’s always more a spontaneous decision, usually I have a plan only for the next week 😉 And a general problem for me is that my time to play games is very limited. So, I don’t want to promise to much but maybe you can expect these two games on my channel in the future:

The first one will be Banished. This is a very promising looking independent “survival” city building game.

It’s a different type of game than Cities XL or SimCity. The first major difference is, the game has more a medieval and rural setting, so a lot of smaller, older kind of buildings. The second one is, it focus on surviving. That means for example you have seasons and weather in the game and both have a big impact on your population. For example you need to gather all the recourses to produce enough clothes for your people, so that they are able to survive the winter. Same goes for food, you need enough for winter or for surviving drought.

To me it sounds like that Banished is more about recourse management and optimizing, probably a bit similar to Anno, but other than in Anno the game simulates the life of every single individual in your town. Sound like a lot of fun 🙂 Release is pretty soon btw. February 18th and I really looking forward to play it. It is available on Steam or directly on http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com

The second game I’d like to play is Novus Aeterno. This will be kind of a experiment for my channel, because usually I play creative games where you build stuff, but this game is a 4X RTS MMO. So, a Master of Orion as MMO, but not turn based, it is realtime strategy in a huge Sandbox universe. If you don’t know Orion, this game was about colonizing space, building a huge empire, customized ships and fleets, research new technologies and fight enemy empires. Thats the reason why it is called 4X: explore, expand, exploit, exterminate.

It’s not the first try to turn the old Master of Orion gameplay into a MMO, have you ever heard about Celetania for example? Probably not because it died pretty fast after release, because of three reasons, first: no noob protection, second: unbalanced, uneven battles, third: if you were not able to log in for three days you probably lost your whole empire. Btw. same goes for all these Browser games like Ogame and how they are called, actually they are quite similar like Master of Orion, not so complex but similar and they have the same problems like Celetania. But Novus Aeterno seems to be different, Taitále, the developer, put a lot of thoughts into this and in my opinion they found solutions for these problems. I don’t want to go to deep into the details but for noob protection: fortress shield, makes your home world invulnerable, longer of-line period: take control of a planet took a loooot of time / ships destroyed while your are offline can be easily recovered, unbalanced fleets: in a battle the weaker player will be buffed to even things out. Sounds pretty cool to me and if this will work than Novus Aeterno will be the game I ever waited for, I really love the 4X genre.

Actually I haven’t figured out when the release will be, at the moment it is in alpha state, but it looks like that release is planed for this year. Btw. recently there was a kickstarter campaign (I pledged btw. ;)) . Now it’s over, but the kickstarter page is still a good summary of all the features of this game.

So probably this game is not so much different than the others I “let’s played” so far, because I will to try build up a empire in space, so we will build stuff 😉 in a huge sandbox with a complex gameplay, so creativity will be useful here as well.



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