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Hey everyone,

finally, two weeks ago I finished my Cities XL project New Coast City 🙂

Overall it took me four years and 800 hours of work to finish this city. It was a amazing time, a lot of people read and enjoyed my city journals and watched my youtube series I started more than a year ago. Thank you sooo much for this, you guys are great. But, ok, I have to admit, sometimes the game was frustrating 😉 Especially the end of the planet offer was something that had a big negative impact on my motivation and was the main reason for my two years brake. But generally I can say I love this game and today with all these mods it is just awesome.

But let’s get back to New Coast City, if you haven’t seen my series or read the journal: New Coast City is a masterplanded Cities XL Platinum city, its design based on a group of circular shapes combined to large organic layout and connected by a sunken freeway system. NCC is situated along a beautiful shoreline, with beaches and a island. My goal was to design a interesting and nice city layout, a bit futuristic but also realistic.

That took a lot of time and work, that’s the reason why I wanted to celebrate this special moment, when NCC is finished. So my idea was to capture a cinematic city showcase at the end of the NCC series and here it is. It will take you on a little tour across New Coast city. I hope you enjoy it.

Btw. a big thank you for all these likes and nice comments on youtube and thanks to Focus Home Interactive for posting this on the official Cities XL Facebook page.

If you still like to know more about NCC, please watch the last episode of my series, there I explain a lot of things about this city.

And now the coolest thing, in my opinion 😛 I added a Cities XL download section to my page and the first thing you can download from there is the New Coast City save file. So, you can take a look into the city by yourself.

Important: Cities XL Platinum is required!!! A description how to import a city into Cities XL is attached to the .zip folder.

And finally some of my favorite “photoshoped” screenshots from my city journal on Please go there if you want to see all of them. Btw. there are still two chapters left, to finish this journal as well. I will add them over the next weeks.





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