Update: removed Small Parking Lot V1.0, it cause game crashes!

Update: so, finally I had a bit time to fix all links and to add all missing and new mods. Now the list should be up to date.

Update: there is a new page, thats the reason why all links are broken, I will try to fix them before my vacation!

Recently @HawkeraBG asked me via twitter where he can find a full list of mods I use in my Cities XL Waterfront City series. I answered him: Well, unfortunately nowhere but that’s a good point! It’s definitely a good idea, so with this post I’d like to begin a list of all mods, including download links, I have installed into my Cities XL pack folder.

I will keep this list up to date, I added also a entry for this list to the Cities XL drop down menu at the top menu bar. So you are always able to find this list quickly. And here we go:


(almost because this is just the first version based on a personal list of mods I already had and mods I can remember I had installed but were not on my list. That means this list is not complete at the moment but I will check it back with my pack folder and than I will do a update)

IMPORTANT: Please don’t forget to leave a five Star rating for the mod creator on Install mods only on your own risk, always do a backup of your cities save files first before you add any new mods to your game.

Also IMPORTANT: Please, always read the mod description, especially for pre- requisite mods. They should be part of this list but just in case if I’ve forgotten to add them here.

I reviewed some of these mods, please click on the mod name to watch the showcase episode of this mod on my youtube channel.

If you miss anything or if a link doesn’t work, please write a comment.


XL Nation userinterface Mod (required for almost every other mod, always keep it up to date)

Shader Pack for Players (adds shaders to the game that will be used by many mods)

Road Shader with Self-Illumination (adds shaders to the game that will be used by many mods)

Furniture Dependency Pack (adds furnitures that will be used by many mods)

Pharmist Over-Water Roads (important for most mods which allow to build stuff on water)



NEXL – Pedestrian Paths (adds pedestrian pathes to the game)

Collision Box Remover (removes collision boxes from bridges/ roads to allow easier bridge building)

Realistic Highway Mod 2.0 (allows do build very cool highway/ freeway systems)

Promenade Pack (allows to build promenades along a coast)

Modern cable-stayed bridge (adds a new, modern suspension bridge model)

Ushibuka Haiya Bridge (adds a modern style bridge)

Seawall and WaterRoad Pack (adds different seawalls with road)

Easy Metro Construction (makes life easier when building a metro)



Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod (changes the shaders/ overall look of the game, awesome!!!)

24 Concrete Areas (adds concrete textured plazas to the game)

Grass Decoration Areas v1.2 (adds grass textures to the game)

Water Decoration Areas v1.3 (adds water textures to the game)

Monorail 1.2 (adds a decorative, plowable monorail and stations to the game)

Limitless & Over Water for Residential and Offices (removes collision boxes of buildings and allows to build on water)

Over Water Placement building mod (allows to place buildings on water)

Over Water Placement plaza mod (adds plazas to the game which can be placed on the water)

Sailboats (allows to place Sailboats on the water as decoration)

Modular Construction Mod (to add construction site like decorations)

Monorail 1.2 (it will add a decorative monorail tracks a trains)

Exotic Trees Mod (for ploppable exotic trees)

Conifers Mod (for ploppable Conifers trees)

Deciduous trees Mod (for ploppable trees)

New billboards (3 sides) 1.0 (for ploppable billboards)

Urban Walls Pack (no collision box) V1.0 (add walls without collision box to the game)

Urban Walls Pack (with collision box) V1.0 (add walls with collision box to the game)



Communication Towers (Telstra Communication Tower and Sydney Port Operations and Communications Centre)

Berlin TV Tower / Fernsehturm

Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower – PwC Tower

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Shibuva Series

Modular Warehouse Pack


  1. hey auriga,

    im wondering what mod u use for the breeni texture with the trees in it not the vanilla one the one that has somethin writtten in its icon i really want to use that mod but i cant seem to find that mod in your list

    greetings smeagol

  2. Hey man, love your videos, theyre really good. You are a natural designer.

    Just saying, I’m not sure, but the links on your mods list are broken. When I clicked on them, they just redirected me to lxnation’s main site.

    But yeah, i found them anyway through google searching.

    Keep up the good work mate!!

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