This was my first citybuilding projekt in Cities XL. I created Coast City during beta in 2009. This city became quite famous in this time, a lot of people read my beta city journal, I think because of the unique look of this city. Unfortunatly this city, like every other beta city, had been deleted at the end of the beta but Montecristo honored this city by printing a image of it on the game box and on a poster for the limited edition.

Of course with the end of the beta all of my city journal entries were lost as well so i wrote a short summary here on my blog, where I describe the creation of a historic city and the masterplaned, circular shaped, main part of Coast City:

City journal of Coast City


I started to work on this City directly after release of CitiesXL in 2009. For this city I tried a different design as in Coast City. It’s still a circular layout but this city have a much cleaner and more organic shape. Unfortunatly the planet offer was cancelt after 6 month. I was able to save and to continue my city in singleplayer but I lost my city journal. So I started this blog an uploded my old journal entries here:

New Coast City journal on

Than I had a brake frome this game for arround two years. But with my return to Cities XL started a youtube lets play series about NCC:

New Coast City youtube playlist

and beside this project I continued my city journal on

New Coast City journal on