Hey everyone,

And again, it’s bin a loooong time since my last post here on my blog. My problem is still that I don’t know what this page should be about. I mean I post my city journals on, links to new videos on my youtube channel will be posted on twitter/ google+. So at the moment I just want to use this blog or page only as download portal or for other important things I’d like to say that do not fit anywhere else. But apparently nothing important have happened… well one thing has happened indeed: at november the fifth my youtube channel had one year anniversary.

Maybe it is a little to late to write about this here ^^ but I would like to keep this for the records, so this was the one year anniversary episode:

In this episode I took a look back to every game I had played, and the most important thing: I said thank you, thank you to you guys, my youtube subscribers and everyone who ever watched one of my videos. Your are great and you are the reason why I’m doing that. In the past year I’ve got a lot of support and nice comments, this is a great motivation for my to continue this. Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to another year of gaming with you 😉




Hey everyone, I added a new ship to the ksp downloadsection, it’s my spaceballs movie inspired camper craft. So have you ever been dreaming about to be like Lone Starr and his companion Barf and to travel to the stars in a spaceballs like camper? … So here is your chance:

The download file contains a SSTOCC that is completely build out of stock parts.

assigned action groups:
1: toggle atomic engine
2: toggle jet engine
3: toggle intake set 1
4: toggle intake set 2
5: landing legs
6: gears

Finally some additional information, the space craft has no capsule for Kerbals, just two seats, but a unmand command module. So it is easy for you to try around or to go directly to space without Kerbalnauts. But be careful, at supersonic speed the camper tends to yaw and in space it tends to pitch down a bit… but actually it is still very well controllable for a space camper ;)Additionally I captured some videos about a journey to Mun in this vehicle. The first video shows how to get into a orbit around Kerbin.

In the second Lone Starr and Barf started their transfer to Mun, but before they had a short stop at a gas station… these two guys wanted some perry air anyway XD…

and finally their landing.


may the schwartz be with you!


And finally the contest is over, thanks to everyone who participated. The winner will be announced in the last New Coast City episode. 😉


Hey everyone, today I’d like to announce a little, little… little contest 😉 I’ve thought about to do something like this since a while because a little contest would be a nice thing to involve you, my audience a bit more and to give something back to you but I had no idea what that could be. But now I have and everyone who have seen the latest NCC episode already know what this contest is about, so:

What to do:

I think most of you guys already know my city New Coast City (NCC) of my CitiesXL Youtube series. It is almost finished, currently it has 800.485 inhabitants but there is still some space left for additional buildings and population. So, the goal of this contest is to guess the final population count for NCC when it is finished. And the moment when it is finished is right the moment after the final upgrade of the town hall. This is the last thing I will do in NCC, after this the city is finished. The number of inhabitants right after the upgrade will count and the one with the closest guess will win. In this episode I explained where I have planed to add some additional population to make things easer for you to estimate (I explained the whole contest thing there as well).

What to win:

To be honest no big prize, it’s more a little personal gift but cities XL related of course. You will get one out of these three original CitiesXL postcards of the 2009 limited edition with some personal wishes and greetings from me 😉

How to participate:

It’s pretty easy, send a email with your guess and your address to

Only one guess per person, please. Please don’t forget your address, your address where you live of course 😉 otherwise I will be not able to send you the card. Don’t worry, I will not tell anyone or make your address public.

When it will end:

The guess phase will run for the next two or three weeks, until I publish NCC episode 25 on my channel. In episode 24 I will not add any population to New Coast City, to keep things fair. But in episode 25 I will continue my work. I gonna announce the winner of this contest in the last NCC episode, when the city is finished. I don’t know when this will be, I think you all know that things take some time in my cities 😉

Finally if you like to know a bit more about NCC please check out my city journal here or on, or watch my NCC series on youtube.


All right, finally I think the most important changes are done. I added a Download section, and some nice, new fancy widgets to the side bars.

I updated the layout a bit as well, it is still simple but a bit more polished now in my opinion. I hope you like it 😉 Ok there are still some areas I’m not satisfied with, like the position of the search box or rss feed, but for the moment it is ok and I don’t know how to change this anyway  :mrgreen: I have to figure out this, I think there is a way. I created this blog layout with a highly customizable theme: Atahualpa Which is a great theme, because it allows me to create my own blog design just with my very basic html, CSS code knowledge.

However beside this, there are just a few things left to do. The right menu still could need some love for example. And I have to go through all of my older posts, to rescale all the images. Because I imbedded them with a fix size and now they are too large for my new layout. So my plan is to replace them with the wordpress image gallery, which have a flexible size. So my images will be prepared for future layout changes. (like in this post)




May you ask yourself …or not because no one takes a look in here anyway ;)… what has happened to this blog? Why there are no new entires? Don’t you want to continue this? whats about your city journals?

Well these are good questions, I asked them to myself as well, because I have a problem with this blog… at the moment it has no value for me or you my youtube audience or readers of my city journals. I didn’t continued the journals here because, while I was planing to continue my work on NCC a couple of month ago, I came to the conclusion it’s a better idea to continue my journals close to the Cities XL community. So I started a NCC journal on and later for my other project ksp I started a mission report on the official Forum as well. In the end I just posted some messages like “hey guys, here is a new video or a new cj entry” on my blog but since a while I have twitter for things like this.

So finally no use for my blog??? No, I think there are still things I can do here and I don’t want to leave it behind. My plan is to write some more personal and general stuff here from time to time in the future. But before or next to it I have to update things here a bit. So my second plan is:

-to update wordpress

-to update the header image (something similar to my youtube channel)

-to clean up and add links in the menu right

-to add a download section

-to add a section for my WFC city journal

-to add a ksp section

A lot of work, thats why I write this here because now I have officially announced this and now I feel some pressure to do this ^^ But at first I have to find my ftp password 🙁

Update 1

Ok, spontaneous decision, I moved my blog to a new host. The past three years it was hosted on free web host, which was generally good enough in the past. During the last couple of days I noticed that my blog was very often not reachable, so I decided to move to a new, payed host. Now the next step will be a layout update.